I. Introduction

1. FreshingStock is a leading service provider in Reverse Logistics. We focus on serving cross-border e-sellers who are marketing their products on Amazon, eBay, Newegg and other major online marketplaces. The only thing we do is to help the sellers in Amazon/eBay marketplaces to deal with their removal orders.

2. There are over 800 Amazon/eBay/Aliexpress/Wish/Newegg marketplace sellers using our return processing services, who are from 27 countries and regions such as China, HK, Taiwan, India, German, Israel, Mexico and etc. One of the sellers is from Germany and they sell shoes on eBay; FreshingStock has been helping them with shoes exchange due to wrong size or customer remorse. Another Isreal medical device seller has been relying on FreshingStock to repackage their returns with minor cosmetical issues. Some 30,000-SKUs Chinese and Indian Amazon sellers took advantage of FreshingStock's powerful return management system on re-labeling (replace FNSKU stickers).

1. FreshingStock is a registered corporation in Pennsylvania, United States.

2. Headquartered in Cranbury, NJ, FreshingStock expanded its footprints to US west coast (Seatle, WA) and China (Shenzhen, Yantai).

1. FreshingStock was founded in 2012, and its parent company can be traced back to 2002.

2. FreshingStock management team consists of ex senior software engineer at Microsoft and Amazon, distinguished consultant for world-famous American companies WestingHouse and Caterpillar, and honored graduates in supply chain field from University of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania State University, University of Pittsburgh, and Carnegie Mellon University.

3. The founder of FreshingStock started his e-business in Amazon and Ebay as early as 2007 and he is known as a FBA expert as he has accumulated 8 years experience in Amazon Marketplace selling.

4. FreshingStock was and will be one of the major exhibitors in IRCE 2014, 2015, 2016(Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition, the largest E-Business Expo in United States).

II. Our services

1.FBA returns services: FNSKU sticker re-labeling, repackaging, rebundling, unsellable product inspection & repairing.

2. Individual customer returns: receiving, inspection, repairing, resell; Marketplaces served: Amazon, eBay, Wish, Newegg, Aliexpress.

3. Causes of Return Analysis: While we help cross-border e-merchants on processing their returns, we also collect data and analyze the causes of returns. We then provide sellers an in-depth analysis report to shed light on root causes of returns and future improvement. Below is a report example:

4. Liquidation: Partnered with one of the largest liquidation company in United States, FreshingStock buy out sellers' surplus, off-season, or unfulliable inventory such that sellers can quickly capitalize on hard-to-move inventory.

5. Consultation: FreshingStock team have rich experience in e-commerce operations in Amazon and eBay USA Marketplaces. During the promotion period of FreshingStock, we provide free consultation which includes marketing strategy, listing booster and optimization, SEO and so on.

FreshingStock only focuses on return processing at this point and we don't offer freight forwarding, customs clerance, and fulfillment services.

1. FreshingStock currently only caters to Amazon USA Marketplace Sellers. It is our intension to rapidly expend to other Amazon international marketplaces and we are actively working on partnerships and opportunities.

2. FreshingStock plans to start FBA returns services in Canadian marketplace in near future. Please notice our official announcement in the future.

1.FreshingStock doesn’t accept products with flammable or explosive hazard, dangerous chemicals, or strong magnets.

2. We don't acdept any products/packages that are illegal, violate policies, rules, or guidelines, or violate any applicable law, statute, ordinance, or regulation.

1. After the sellers create FBA removal order in Amazon seller central, it often takes Amazon 3-18 days to deal with their order, deliver their packages and ship to FreshingStock warehouse. The reason why it takes so long to return their FBA products is that Amazon automatically distributed their products to different fulfillment centers when they are sent to FBA. In this way, their products can get rapidly to as many as customers. If they have 100 pieces of A product in FBA, in fact, the 100 products may distribute in various warehouses all over the country. The time cost of shipping their goods to FreshingStock also varies, as 1. different fulfillment center has different processing speed, 2. removal order has lower priority than fulfillment order, 3. distance between different fulfillment center and our warehouse is different.

2. It usually takes FreshingStock 1-3 days to process their returns and get them ready for shipping(less than 4000 pieces) after we receive them. For larger quantity returns, the processing will extend over a longer period. Please contact the product manager or the customer service representative for details.

The sellers can log in to their FreshingStock account and find the information in . Audited QTY is the quantity of products we have checked and ready for shipping.

The service of bulk returns from Amazon/eBay is in trial operation, please contact the product manager or the customer service representative for details.

1. FreshingStock provide simple repair service. Please contact the product manager or the customer service representative for details.

2. FreshingStock, with GENCO, provide liquidation solution to the products whose whole value is over $250,000.

3. If you want to discard the products, for the environment-friendly ones, FreshingStock can throw them away for you; for special or dangerous products, you have to pay the corresponding processing fee.

1. The supported liquidation categories of FreshingStock include automotive parts & accessories, electronics, furniture, books, toys and so on.

2. Usually, the value of merchandise for liquidation should be more than $250,000.

3. The buyout price would be 5%-30% of the original value, which depends on the products’ category, quality and quantity.

FreshingStock, with GENCO, will sort and sell the liquidation products to recycling companies, second-hand store, overseas wholesale merchants and etc.

Please visit FreshingStock‘s homepage www.freshingstock.com for detailed service procedure.

1. Please visit www.freshingstock.com and sign up a new account. You will get a FBA return address specifically assigned to you in the after you activate and sign in to your account. You will need this address when you create a removal order on Amazon.

2. FreshingStock also encourage you to reach us by Skype: forrest.guo88 and by phone: +1(724)-591-8786 for latest service information.

III. Service charges

1. No matter how far the distance is, the return fee of FBA inventory is $0.50/standard-size unit.

2. If sellers don’t have enough balance in their accounts, Amazon will deduct the shipping fee from their associated credit card or bank account.

1. During promotion period, no matter the product’s category, the processing fee of FreshingStock is $0.99/item, which includes receiving, relabelling and packaging cost.

2. This charge doesn’t apply to items that is heavier than 20 Lb or more with its longest side 18 inches or more, its shortest side 8 inches or more, and its median side 14 inches or more. If you need return service of larger or heavier inventory, please contact FreshingStock customer service representative for pricing.

3. If you need special services, like inspection, repair, liquidation, etc., please contact FreshingStock customer service representative for pricing.

4. The pricing is only available during the promotion period. After the period, please check the latest pricing on FreshingStock website.

1. From the time the goods get to FreshingStock warehouse, we don’t charge you any storage fee for the first 21 days.

2. The storage fee is $0.02/unit every day after the first 21 days.

1. FreshingStock will charge a special handling fee if the products need special inspection or repair, since this requires more procedures and warehouse labour power.

2. As different products vary greatly, please contact FreshingStock customer service representative for special handling fee.

1. FreshingStock provides FedEx labels to users to ship inventory back to FBA warehouses.

2. With API access to a user's Amazon Seller Central, FreshingStock can create the right label for you right after getting info on which FBA warehouse(s) to send inventory to.

3. Please make sure to have enough account balance for shipping. Contact FreshingStock for a detailed table on shipping fees.

4. From the map of North America FBA fulfillment centers, we can tell that FreshingStock warehouse is in the middle of the 30 eastern centers. It only takes 1-2 days for FreshingStock to ship products to these centers.

5. From UPS website, the transit time from the FreshingStock warehouse,Pittsburgh, to other places in United States is illustrated in the image.

From the pricing table below, for most sellers using FreshingStock, the total cost for a unit is $0.5 + $0.99 + $0.025 (assuming the product weight is 50g).

The service of bulk returns from Amazon/eBay is in trial operation, please contact the product manager or the customer service representative for pricing details.

1. Amazon doesn’t provide any insurance or purchasing option when you create a FBA inventory removal order. According to our experience, it’s unlikely for express company, like USPS, FedEx, DHL, to lose packages during delivery.

2. Amazon doesn’t provide any insurance or purchasing option when you create a FBA inventory fulfillment order. According to our experience, there was really very little chance that express company, like USPS, FedEx, DHL, lose packages during delivery.

3. Only when your products are in the FreshingStock warehouse, they are protected by our insurance worthy more than $1 million.

1. FreshingStock accept both US dollars (check, ACH or wire, paypal) and Chinese yuan(ACH or wire, alipay).

2. During promotion period, sellers can pay after FreshingStock finishes packaging and before UPS picking up the boxes.

IV. Account Safety

1. We used to be Amazon sellers for years and have been helping over 100+ sellers with their FBA inventory. We are knowledgeable and experienced on every aspects of account safety.

2. We assign a unique return and shipping address to each seller.

3. FreshingStock pay attention to account safety and design every step carefully. For instance, if your products need relabeling, the warehouse operators will black your original FNSKU sticker first, then cover it with a new one.

1. When sellers plan to ship products to FBA, they will need much little information, like distributed allocations, products quantity, FNSKU stickers, UPS labels, etc. You can get the information through a lot of operations on Amazon all by yourself, or hand over to us by linking your account to FreshingStock. Of course, FreshingStock support both auto and manual modes.

2. Obviously, creating a send/replenish inventory order manually is tedious, time-consuming and easily messed-up, especially for a large number of ASINs. That’s the reason why FreshingStock recommend you to use auto mode, linking your seller account through Amazon MWS API. Of course, we support both auto and manual modes.

3. If you choose auto mode, you only need to select the products you want to ship and their quantities to create a send inventory order. We will take over the remaining procedures, like packaging, getting distributed allocation information, downloading FNSKU stickers, uploading packages dimension, purchasing package labels, etc. Auto mode will shorten the processing period greatly, saving 3-4 days than the manual mode.

4. Amazon MWS API, Amazon Marketplace Web Service application program interface, is an official Web service API that helps Amazon sellers to programmatically exchange data. Sellers can find more details on web: https://developer.amazonservices.com/.

1. Linking your Amazon seller account to FreshingStock just like linking the account to 4PX, ERP, Channeladvisor, Bqool, Teapplix and other system. They have the same mechanism, through MWS API. The mentioned softwares, including FreshingStock, all have hundreds of users and linked with thousands of seller accounts. Amazon MWS API is an official integrated service, approved by Amazon.

2. Sellers can link several Amazon accounts to a single FreshingStock account for the same reason, and there is no risk of “operating multiple seller accounts”. This mapping pattern allows sellers to manage their inventory among different Amazon accounts freely.

3. The only thing need to be noticed is that sellers should make sure they never link different Amazon accounts on the same computer or through the same IP address, as the link process involves data transmission with Amazon.

4. 95% sellers have chosen to use API to link their Amazon account with FreshingStock, which saved them a lot of valuable time.